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Originally Posted by NY Landscape Lighting View Post
Care to share your tricks
For a dollar.....

Nothing like reinventing the wheel, but some of these things may help, it seems to have helped in all but one situation.

Split the power up to different outlets even if you are using LED's, it seems to take some of the load off and less likely to trip.

We use cube splitters and I made sure the guys were not putting them on the ground.

When setting power in trees/shrubs we made sure that the cord/splitter was about 2 feet off the ground to avoid as much water as possible.

had the guys pay attention to tree/shrub lighting and try to make sure the open ends of the mini lights were not facing straight up in the air to catch the water.

And perhaps the most effective thing we did was use baby safety covers for the open ends of all mini lights. (we get them bulk) They act like an umbrella, better than taping because if water does get in, they will dry out.

We had a couple of houses that we had issues to the point of wanting to cancel last year, this year we have them under control (knock on wood) and it was been raining for days here.

Not sure if one of the ideas worked or a combination of all of them. But we made a point of doing all of them and it seems to have worked.

I assume some of these things are being taught to your guys already, but they are easy to get lazy with doing, espcially the baby covers as it does add some time to the job but having a happy customer and no service calls saves much more in the long run.

Good luck.
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