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Originally Posted by mantrep View Post
actually, its both.
the quality of materials used in the 34z is very poor. Ive had bolts snap (as today) deck tension springs break. Axles break, etc. Alot of those issues happened while still under warranty. However, to have so many problems with the manufacturing quality in such a short time, leaves me disappointed in the brand.

Im sure Gravely makes quality. Theyve been making machines for so long. I can only assume that the 34z is made with inferior materials since its such a small machine.

Ive never had problems with my Grasshoppers and will stick to those and brands other than Gravely from now on.

Sorry to upset the Gravely owners.
700 hours on a homeowner machine!!! That is a lifetime for a homeowner. Do yourself a favor and buy a commercial Gravely machine.
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