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Originally Posted by kennc38 View Post
I also have had no issues with starting the B&S engine. I also have not had any issues with Turfco's customer service. Their response times have been excellent to any questions I've had. Considering the poster has only made 2 posts on this site, and both of them were to bash Turfco, I am very hesitant to believe what was posted.
TURFCO gave us an XT5 "to try" -- well before they "put it on the market". We still have that unit. It's been run through hell, yet it has never broke down. No maintenance (other than oil changes). The XT5 is our favorite walk-behind aerator by far. Nice plugs, many plugs, handles hills, great for seeding jobs too. Fastest hydro walk-behind aerator that I know of. my 2 cents.
Proud subscriber of TURF Magazine. (thanks Ron)
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