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walk behind and stand on units are totally different. The sulky is an attachment that bolts onto a walk behind mower in which you ride. A stand on mower has the platform attached to the mower and doesn't swivel like sulkys do. Stand on machines are getting much more popular but if i could only have one mower it would be a 52 inch walk behind. I have a nice mix of big and small lawns though. If you have more small lawns around 4-8k than a 42 or 48 deck might be better. I've seen people put a walk behind and ride the sulky on some pretty steep hills but the beauty of that set up is if there is a few passes you need to walk instead of ride, just fasten up the sulky to the mower. The stand on unit you can walk behind too but the stand on units rely on operator weight to keep more traction on the drive tires so if you walk behind it you could lose traction. Any hydro drive mower can tear up turf if your not careful. If you do get a sulky, get one with two wheels. They will follow the tires of the mower but the single wheeled ones leave an ugly center line through your path. Patrol the forums alot too. Most questions you will have there is already a post of.
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