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This medium pressure diaphragm pump is recommended for ground and low-level spraying of herbicides or pesticides commonly used by landscapers, greenhouse operators and pest control companies.

The 9910-D252 pump has 2 Diaphragms, 3/4" solid keyed shaft: 6 gpm; 290 psi. This is the pump only, You cannot use this to replace the pump on the GRGI version.

9910-D252GRGI - This version includes the gearbox and pressure regulator - 2 diaphragm pump - 3/4" HB inlet; 3/8" HB outlet; 5/8" HB Return line- 3/4" hollow shaft, gear reduced for 5 hp gas engine.

Important Notes: The most common version of the D252GRGI is the 3/4" hollow shaft. You can determine the version you require by measuring the shaft on your gas engine. Another potential problem, you can not swap the gearbox from one D252 to another. So if you are replacing an existing pump, and your old pump had a gearbox, you must order the D252GRGI version. Click here to see the D252GRGI58 for coupling to a 2.2 HP gas engine or electric motor

Low cost maintenance and almost wear-free operation make these pumps ideal for a wide variety of spraying jobs. Pressure and output are designed for optimum performance of medium to large sized sprayers.

The Hypro D252 diaphragm pump is designed to be the most complete pump for the spraying and pumping of herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers and hard-to-handle fluids.

The oil bath design and premium-quality, synthetic diaphragms provide longer life and greater reliability.Low-cost maintenance and almost wear-free operation result from these diaphragms,as well as, a self-priming operation, and visual oil-level sight glass.

This Hypro D252 diaphragm pump can handle fluids up to 140 degrees F and can be run dry. Easily adaptable to PTO, hydraulic or gas engine drives.

The regulator is easily replaced, see below to order the control unit.
When your pump has mixed oil (the oil in the sight glass is milky gray in color) do not run the pump any more, you need to change the diaphragms. Running a diaphragm pump with mixed oil will destroy the pump in a short period of time. This pump requires SAE 30 oil, commonly known as "30 weight" oil, non detergent, so no 10W30 in these pumps.

Max. flow: 6 gpm/ 22.7 L/min
Max. pressure: 290 psi/ 20.3 BAR
Max. rated speed: 650 rpm (D252), 3600 rpm (D252GRGI)
Max. fluid temperature: 140 degrees F
Port sizes on D252 - 3/4"HB inlet, 1/2" NPT outlet
Port sizes D252GRGI - 3/4" HB inlet, 3/8" HB outlet
Shaft on D252 is 3/4" solid
D252GRGI is 3/4"(see note above) hollow, gear reduced for gas engines
Diaphragms: 2, semi-hydraulic
Housing: anodized aluminum
Mounting base: included
9910-D252GRGI - This version includes the gearbox and pressure regulator - 2 diaphragm pump - 3/4" HB inlet; 3/8" HB outlet.
9910-D252 or 9910-D252GRGI
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