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I like the Lighting Shrink connections, especially on LED systems that can go longer between maintenance visits.

I've been making a 12/2 main run and splitting 2 - 3 hubs off of that of 3 - 6 fixtures wired with 16/2. Sort of a hybrid hub/daisy chain. I still try to get my "hubs" as close to 12v as possible, not because it needs it but because I do. Typically I'll have one around 11 - 12v, one around 12 - 13 and one in the 13 - 14 range. Doing it this way cuts down my 12/2 by about 30% and saves enough to be worth the effort on larger jobs (50+ fixtures).

If I'm just doing a 6 fixture quicky, I'll do the whole thing in 16/2 and daisy chain it with 3 -4 fixtures per wire. I'm trying to do those jobs as inexpensively as possible without making compromises that will adversely effect the finished product and this is one of the compromises I can make with a good conscious.
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