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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
I bet the other local service providers charge $60/hr+ check around, I'm not arguing here just trying to make a point. Your in business to make money at least I hope so, it has nothing to do with greed, I think a national standard of 60/hr+ would benefit all legitimate LCO's. Hell! even with all the guys that "claim" they have lower overhead which I don't believe if there operating legit, how the hell are you making a profit of any decent amount at 25-35 a yard? are you only paying yourself $10-12/hr after taxes, gas, office expenses, advertising, phone, maint, misc there's nothing left for profit, your probably in the hole. I've heard it all, we don't advertise we don't do this we don't do that, there's just basic overhead that adds up to 20- 30/hr then you gotta get paid then all the other crap that pops up.
easy to profit being a solo op or 1 employee, id say my average lawn is 25 bucks. i park and store all my equipment at my garage i have areas i can cut 4, 8, or 15 homes without moving my truck. i do try and upsell my side work a little bit though and like someone else said my expenses are kept down best i can i dont have a new 50 thousand dollar pickup or new 50 thousand dollar dump truck
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