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Originally Posted by Mike Leary View Post
As I've said many times to contractors: you touched it, you own it. It's the "clients" stupidity to not look at the water bills, but now you're caught between a rock and a hard place.
Not really, I'll accept responsibility for redoing something I worked on that failed but I'm not going to take on any ancillary damages caused by that, especially if the homeowner didn't bother to tell me there was a problem. That's pretty much standard for anything. If they want to make a stink, that's what lawyers are for.

As to the OP, I would be willing to bet money that what really happened is their water bill dropped dramatically because they just aren't watering anymore, not because of a leak. About 85% of my summer water bill is irrigation, I go from about 45k/gal month in the peak of the summer to about 8k/gal month in the winter. It could be less but at least 3k/gal of that monthly bill is showers for my 16 y/o daughter...
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