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Originally Posted by kyles landscape View Post
easy to profit being a solo op or 1 employee, id say my average lawn is 25 bucks. i park and store all my equipment at my garage i have areas i can cut 4, 8, or 15 homes without moving my truck. i do try and upsell my side work a little bit though and like someone else said my expenses are kept down best i can i dont have a new 50 thousand dollar pickup or new 50 thousand dollar dump truck
You actually charge less than $25 a yard? I don't care if I had an entire neighborhood with 400 houses I'd still charge 35-40/yard, your killing me, my truck and all but one mower are paid for as is all my handheld stuff and all the other crap I have, DANG maybe I am greedy? I just thought I was in business to make money.

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