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Originally Posted by Wayne 55 View Post
I see the socket adapter which slips into the wrench ratchet end. But can not figure the hook end on wrench. Almost reminds me of a bead breaker. Or possibly a Hammond Piano tuner lol.
Man, I completely missed your response, sorry!
But WTF it was wrong!!!!!

Check this out:
Name:  009.JPG
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Name:  013.JPG
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Name:  015.JPG
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That attachment is the other feature that made the " Imp" unique!
Which is why I bought it. It came in real handy for changing the plugs on Mazda rotary engines, back in the day.
You could index the attachment completely around the head of the gun.
Cool, huh?
It ain't rocket science! far.
" Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! "

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