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Originally Posted by bcg View Post
OK, serious question, are you telling me that the .19 - .21 amps I get for solenoids with my Fluke clamp meter is wrong?
No, i am not saying that. Your reading might be right on for the wire/voltage drop/resistance/temp/inrush holding requirements of the system. You use RB valves and 16/18 ga wire?
I use it sometimes with systems where a zone is err'ing out the controller but when I arrive it ohms fine and a reset gets it running again. Some of those solenoids need to get warm before they go short and I do see a slightly higher amp reading on them, which causes me to go ahead and replace them.
As the heat goes up, the resistance goes down.
"Good" solenoids always seem to be around .19 - .21 amps but I'm just using a regular Fluke meter, not a leakage meter...
5-6 volt amps, depends on the solenoid specs.

I have a pro-93 LCM and it reads good, i have an excel clamp that i have to wrap the wires. Before i blew my FLUKE 5/600 to the next world i had to wrap the forks to get an accurate measurement.

I never had any luck with a standard meter connected in series.

Hope that the above didn't confuse the question
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