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Originally Posted by Herrick View Post
No, and looking back that was a HUGE mistake. Who knows if we were even bidding the same work? Never again. At the time I was more worried about keeping the work than $500.
Originally Posted by Herrick View Post
Mow, Trim, Edge, Blow... by myself for the most part, 60" ZTR. The trimming isn't really as much as it looks, as most of the pavement is asphalt... with my experiences it really only seems to need touched up every couple weeks. Most of the trees have 2' mulch beds around them. They are in the process of building some more duplexes in the empty area at the top of the pic, so there is a large area that will be under construction and will not need any attention for a while. Part of the large area at the bottom left is actually sweet corn also. They have a full time maintenance staff for the odd jobs, just hire out the mowing. Forgot to mention I picked up the hedge trimming on this also for some extra $$.

I actually did get to see the other bids, and they were both around $45k. Guy that had it last raised his rate by $12k this year for some reason. he was at 55 hours a week, but only charging $27 per hour... my hourly rate is almost double that, but time is almost half also... he was using employees... The story I got from the center made it sound like he didn't want the job anymore... not sure why, hopefully I won't find out.

Part of my thinking is that this should be a fairly nice account... no kids, no toys to deal with, no dog poo... a lot of headaches that won't be there...
Guess I'm not following too well?
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