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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
You actually charge less than $25 a yard? I don't care if I had an entire neighborhood with 400 houses I'd still charge 35-40/yard, your killing me, my truck and all but one mower are paid for as is all my handheld stuff and all the other crap I have, DANG maybe I am greedy? I just thought I was in business to make money.
Greedy?? Not a chance.

These guys prices (area dependent) are LOWER than prices 10 years ago!!! Believe me we were charging more than that 11 years ago. Everything has gone up except lawn mowing. Milk, gas, candy bars, vehicles, haircuts, etc.. I guess we can all just put our tails between our legs, lay down, and be put out to pasture.

Here's the thing CP you had a well paying job before lawn and landscaping. Some guys come from $9/hr jobs and (not saying anyone here) any increase is great and you don't need much intelligence to pull a start cord and mow in a back and forth pattern. Then whack down the grass you couldn't cut with a mower and fire up a blower.

Some have lower expectations of what they want in life and others like you and I have much higher ones. Some want a self employed JOB others want a business. Right now I have a self employed job. I want more than that.

I'm done also. Back to my original topic.
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