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Originally Posted by P.Services View Post
I own a 4720 with a cab and loader. Its not going to run a 10' protech without twisting the arms right off. The loader is about use less in my opinion, its a fragile weak pile of crap. And i will be damned if it can lift 2,000 pounds. I have a 2,200 pound pallet of fert in the shop and it couldnt even get the pallet off the ground. Cab is to small also, no room for your legs.

On second thought they are great machines want to buy mine? has low hours? $35,000 fully loaded
im buying a new one. I was up at the dealer looking at it and loved it i had no problem in the cab and im 6ft 3. If it wont run the pro tech im fine with a boss plow on it. I ran a 4520 at my old job and like it as well i think it will fit my needs perfectly.

Sideliner- i have 286 acres through the real estate company spread out over 15 sites. it comes out to just over 19 acres a site some bigger than others. some were priced by the acre and the smaller stuff was done by the hour. Looking to add more im trying to market to some farmers
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