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Originally Posted by Kings of Green LLC View Post
maybe i should re-tittle this thread "what is to big" no i dont consider myself solo. but many say stay solo and dont git "BIG" well what is considered to big?
there are a few companies around me that a decent sized, that have multiple crews running around on a daily basis. multiple crews means they have 2-4 trucks with trailers and mowers or a skid steer going around doing lawns, or maybe hardscape installs or maybe 1 of them is doing irrigation work, who knows. I think staying with 1 crew which could consist of you and 1 other guy or you and 2 other guys but staying with 1 truck, and 1 trailer, maybe 2 mowers on that one trailer and 1 guy to do the trimming would be the most efficient, most profitable i'm not sure about that, that's probably 1 guy mowing and 1 guy trimming for highest efficiency and staying most profitable, between 2 people you should be able to make a pretty comfortable living, also the headache's at this level are pretty minimal, not much overhead, very low payroll.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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