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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
I still have never fully understood this "price per yard" of mulch and how it can vary due to whatever.... Is it just throwing mulch on the beds or are you prepping them too as in edging, cleaning, etc....? I've had 1 job in 11 years that was mulch only. Most are clean, trim bushes, edge beds, pull weeds, install mulch. If I calculate it on a per yard basis most of my jobs would be $150-$200+ per yard. But I am an hours + material + profit = job cost type of person. If you're just actually only installing the mulch with ZERO prep I can see a per yard price working but still gets fuzzy. But again most of my jobs are trim, edge, clean, mulch...

He asked what our price per yard was. So that's what I answered. You don't know how much you charge per yard for each mulch type? My price can vary based on if I'm using a wheel barrow to haul it 50 yards or 20 feet. Or if that 50 yards is up hill or down hill. I'm not saying I itemize client's clean up/mulch invoices, but when I work up the project total before the estimate is sent out, it gets itemized on my end so I know what I'm dealing with. It's all in a lump sum total for all work provided when the client gets the estimate(hedge trimming, bed clean up, mulch, etc...). I do know what I charge per yard because that's how I arrive at the price for that particular part of the project. I get several mulch only jobs each season. And for the most part, all landscape beds in this area are bordered with some type of border edging and don't require edging, which I guess is a pretty common thing in other parts of the country. I think maybe it's just a regional difference.
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