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Did a bit more work. Getting the burned tires off the front casters. Most of the rubber was gone but the steel cords within the tires was still there. I ended up cutting through them with a metal cutting dremel tool. One wheel spins pretty smoothly and the other is pretty bound up. I am going to replace the seals, roller bearings, sleeves and spacers in each and they should be OK. I already have these parts as spares from work I did on the casters a few years ago. If it all looks OK, I'll put a couple of new tires on my shopping list for when after the caster support assembly is cleaned up and painted. Also started sandblasting the chassis and priming. Looks pretty good considering it is from a spray can. I have high hopes for getting the chassis ready to paint. If the second coat from the spray can looks OK I may skip having it primed with a sprayer. Might even try painting with with a spray can. We'll see how it goes.
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