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Big is a relative all depends on your perspective. A big lawn to someone from the city might be a half acre whereas to someone from the country that would be a small lawn. To me a big company in this business would be doing millions of dollars of sales per year, whereas someone who is just starting out might look at my operation and think I'm big. I have been told I was too big before, but that was in a different context, lol.

I'm "solo" and I only do 5 or 6 lawns a day most of the time but, I have done up to 9 or 10. It's not really about how many lawns, it's about how many dollars.

I do get some help with the phone from my wife and she does some clericial stuff for me as well. One of my sons will help out on the moving route in the summer but usually only 2 or 3 days a week for 4 or 5 hours. But most of the time it's just me and I'm not looking to have multiple crews and the assoiciated headaches. My goal is to maximize what I can bring in by myself with a little help from my steadily grow my income without really growing the business. I do that by picking my accounts carefully, trying to keep a steady work load, and keeping a close eye on my accounts receivable, among other things.
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