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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
Cause my market will bear it. I'm still bewildered with this I have low overhead so I will charge less theory? what kind of business sense does this make, lower overhead only means increased profit margin in my business class.

back to schedule! my issue with per cut is in the spring when it rains for a week are you ok with losing money over something that you have no control over. It just seems like possible setup for failure especially if your just starting out and need to build up a cash reserve.
You are exactly right. I don't get it either. Why would a person leave money on the table? Because they don't have as much overhead? That's about the dumbest thing ever said. Lets see. If someone gave me a 5k mower for free (low overhead) and I didn't need it. Do you think I'm going to just give it to someone else since I didn't have anything invested? People that think this way have NO business sense at all.
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