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Interesting replies

It's a good thing some of you weren't born before the popularity of indoor plumbing.
And being born then after the introduction of the birth control pill these same people find multiple sexual partners acceptable.

I don't have a standing policy. I just use discretion. And try to plan ahead.
Policy goes out the window when urgency strikes. I mean if you got diaharea would you risk pooping your pants sitting in your truck on the way to a gas station?

Isn't it ironic that people jailed for exihibsionism are put into prisions where the toilets are visible to anyone walking buy. And they're made to stand stark naked in front of a health care worker and pee into a cup using only one hand for drug tests. And sometimes the health care worker is female!
The prisioner's got to be thinking "Hey! this is all I ever wanted to begin with!"
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