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I didnt know it was possible to have that many grammatical errors in 3 sentences.
Try three grammatical errors in ONE sentence - Walking out of a grocery store, I hear a young woman say "She say she mad atchoo" That takes skill man.

A lot of guys on here just type a response out quickly and don't worry about spelling, grammar, etc. They must have work to do, I guess ? Go easy, I am more interested in their input than I am in their grammar.

BTW - Ridiculous shows up often here as rediculous. If you want to insult someone, you probably ought to use spell check. Or, just don't call people rediculous in the first place ?

Alright, one more. There refers to a place, as opposed to their which refers to something that someone else possesses. That one shows up here more than any other grammatical error. But I taught public high school for many years and can tell you that some of the smartest kids I ever met are rediculous spellers and tell me to kiss there butt when I correct them.

Regarding cash. I live in the capital of New York state. I don't know anyone who has been robbed on the street, and I am 56 years old. Like others have said, if cash makes my life easier, I am not going to worry about something that is very unlikely to happen. If it happens, I'll have a good story to tell, and the lost cash will be a minor inconvenience. Anyway, most street thieves are desperate drug addicts. It's a stupid crime to commit - they don't know if I am a cop, a black belt. carrying a gun or willing to fight to the death for my money. If they are that stupid, and that desperate, they are probably pretty easy to fight off.
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