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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
Mostly maintenance and snow plowing. I do lawn renovations and some landscape tractor work too. One or the other of my 2 sons, 15 and 18 will do the trimmer/blower routine with me for 3 or so days a week 4 or 5 hours a day in the summer, but I can do it without them. It just makes for a much easier day when I have help. They both know my whole route but usually only help with part of it in any given week. My books are on the other computer, but usually landscaping is less than 10% of my gross, so that keeps my percentage would be less if I were consuming a lot of materials. I didn't have any major repairs or purchases in 2011 which helped too...bought a new backpack blower and that's about it.
do you pay your kids when they help? and thats great i was thinking you were smaller to be putting up numbers like that. i have 1 employee and im about 40-60 peRcent but my numbers got killed this year bc the drought and we havent had any snow
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