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Yeah the kids get think they'd come along if they didn't? The problem I have with them is that toward the end of the season when their wallets are full they start dropping out on me. The older one who is 18 now and going to college was at $12 in 2011 but I cut him lose this last season and fixed him up with some work of his own...bascially with elderly people who need a "yard boy" and aren't willing or able to hire a place has a freaking cable car going up from the garage to the house...nice place. The "little guy" (he's 6'2") just started this year at $8/hr and honestly didn't work out that great...he's sloooow and his quality is still a bit off. On a lot of accounts he never gets to the blower, but he's still a help and he never whines or complains...just keeps plugging along. I'll probably bump him up to $10 next year and his brother to $15 if he works with me at all. He prefers working on his own though. He did a lot of mulching and does it very nicely. When he mulches with me I give him all the detail work.
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