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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
I don't share my gross with anyone but my wife, my insurance agent and the tax man, but my net is consistently over 50% of my gross. That's without taking out my salary. Last year I managed 76% but usually it's in the high 50s. Most of my revenue is from labor.
I'm close to those numbers as well. This year might be different. I did a lot of mulch jobs. I haven't hit anywhere close to 76% but have been close. For mowing/lawn maintenance it floats around 60%. This year I'm going to draw up a graph of the ups and downs each year on paper to see what it looks like.
Next season will be very big for me as I signed up more then a dozen new clients for mowing and over half want full service as in treatments, pruning, trimming, mulching and such. ALL of them are on my list for snow removal, including two long private drives with 5-6 homes on each drive!
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