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common problems:

-Dog crap (especially when you accidentally sling a fresh pile with the weedeater)

-slow payers

-Neighbors of clients that cut their yard waay WAY too short, and make like 5 passes into the yard I cut.

-PITA clients

-people that want me to come give them an estimate, but turns out im too pricey for them

-losing good clients to lowballer lco's that do it for a cheap price and also do a cheap looking job

-people that stop me what im doing, and i have to shut off the mower, take out my earplugs, just to hear them say "your truck and trailer is parked in the road in the road, and it needs to be moved" and i tell them, "look im working, please let me get back to work, i always park on the road, i never block the road. I have been parking on the road for 4 years I know what im doing, I have cones and all. Do I bother you when your at work?" Then, without giving them time to say anything i start up the mower and ride away.

-Other contractors that show up to the site and act like they are more important than me, and expect me to work around them, instead of them working around me, since I got there first.

-Children in the neighboring yards that are playing while i am mowing, and I go and tell their parents to get them to come inside or play on the other side, and they do, then 10 minutes later, they are right back near where i am mowing.

Just a few, I could name more, but these are the most common.
My set up:
-2007 Chevy 2500hd 8.1l 4x4
-7x18 enclosed trailer
-Grasshopper front mount 61", gravely 52"
-36" Gravely Walkbehind, 21" exmark push mower
-Stihl everything

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