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Dog crap and slow payers I think we can all agree
-my only day off is Sunday, all my customers are free to call my cell 24/7. Do not call me on Sunday I will not return the call until Monday. Still I have one customer calling for crap to be done etc for Friday, then gets mad when I don't call her back the same day
-losing a job to low bidders, they do the job but won't finish or leave the tree cut up on the property, customer then expects a discount because half the work was done
-trying to explain to customer why I charged for dumping materials, I have a commercial plate, I am not allowed in the free city dump for residents
-stop changing your mind every week on what you want done to your yard, by the time its done its halfway thru the season and your crying about the bill
-I cannot chop down your neighbors tree because you don't want it there
-canceling any contract or changing it with out letting me know, then become upset that my lawyers on the phone with you

Just a few pita from this season
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