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Originally Posted by newz7151 View Post
... if you never officially FIRE them or release them, say you keep them on part time at 20 hours a week or something through the winter, then i don't believe they would actually be able to file for unemployment if they QUIT and you have a signed affidavit from them (made by you) stating that they chose to leave their employment and that you did not fire them. The "through no fault of their own" thing is a bunch of crap because even if they were constantly late or refused to do work or perform to the level you need, they'll still end up being granted unemployment because the crap is always on the side of the lazy worker instead of the now hurting employer.
yeah it sucks that unemployment favors the kind of people that take advantage of it...and technically i think you can collect unemployment if you are under 32 hours...if you gave them say 20 hours a week in the off season and they regularly get 36, for example, then they can file for the other 16 hours, if i'm not mistaken...each state is different
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