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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
I was posting on another thread and it hit me. People are talking about minimum charges (I do have a minimum for residential) and I looked at the books. We maintain 50 properties for $20 and under, I service these properties in an 8.5 hour day with nothing but a pickup and a trimmer grossing almost $800.00. I understand both sides of the argument about what people charge to mow a lawn, but I think these numbers vary widely depending on the circumstances involved. Another company put in a price of $30 saying "that's the lowest I charge." So I'm grossing over $90 PMH and the next guy thought my price was cheap
well look who got the job and is making the $$$ i think 800 a day is awesome against his 0

but you might get reemed by everyone else who says they dont go under 35 lol but id do the same as u
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