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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
I was posting on another thread and it hit me. People are talking about minimum charges (I do have a minimum for residential) and I looked at the books. We maintain 50 properties for $20 and under, I service these properties in an 8.5 hour day with nothing but a pickup and a trimmer grossing almost $800.00. I understand both sides of the argument about what people charge to mow a lawn, but I think these numbers vary widely depending on the circumstances involved. Another company put in a price of $30 saying "that's the lowest I charge." So I'm grossing over $90 PMH and the next guy thought my price was cheap
If it works for you that's great....But....managing every account takes time too and adds to your invoicing, bookkeeping, banking, collections cost, etc. Just make sure that you figure that time in too because it's not free.

My lowest account is $25 and it's no more than 1,000 square feet of lawn. My next lowest is at $30 and is a grassy parking area for a guest cottage that parks about 8 cars. The rest are all at least $40, some of which take no more than 20 minutes to service.
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