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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
no one said anything about a flame paint job or lens covers on the lights, I said actually changing the whole light assembly to the xlt one vs. the cheap looking xl lights that the truck above has. and no one said anything about blackouts on a truck, I said tint the windows and tastefully at that, 35% is legal, as a matter of fact, most vehicles have tinted windows from the factory on all windows except the front two and windshield. it actually shields you from uv rays, by allowing less light to enter the cab from the sides and back window.
i know exactly what you said. i just added the others in there for example from what i've personally seen.

i personally wouldn't do anything to a work truck unless it was broke. the standard look from the standard lights are just fine. the windows are just fine the way they are for a work truck.

work trucks don't need to look fancy, they pull a trailer full of equipment and are sometimes loaded with grass and debris.
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