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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
I was posting on another thread and it hit me. People are talking about minimum charges (I do have a minimum for residential) and I looked at the books. We maintain 50 properties for $20 and under, I service these properties in an 8.5 hour day with nothing but a pickup and a trimmer grossing almost $800.00. I understand both sides of the argument about what people charge to mow a lawn, but I think these numbers vary widely depending on the circumstances involved. Another company put in a price of $30 saying "that's the lowest I charge." So I'm grossing over $90 PMH and the next guy thought my price was cheap
Yes I agree.

I also think there are those of us that just don't want to deal with properties like that. If you're servicing 50 accounts in one day they're obviously small and don't need much other than knocking down the weeds if all you need is a trimmer. Trailer park?

I'm not saying that doing those is a bad thing but some of us want the other properties that give us multiple services. I think some of us look to get more money out of fewer properties where some get fewer dollars out of more properties. Just different business models. And I wouldn't say your prices are off for the size of the properties, if I'm thinking they are quite small. I think those of us that think guys are nuts at $25 and below are those servicing 1/3+ acre quality residential properties.
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