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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
i'm 31.

my freedom still exsists just the same. just because i live with them doesn't mean they treat me like i'm 12.

but since i don't party or hang out with a bunch of friends all the time it doesn't really matter. once in blue moon i'll have some friends over for some drink and cards or something but thats about it.

women aren't in the picture for me right now either so thats not an issue. they are way too high maintenance for me to be bothered with. just not worth it.

when i do finally get out on my own again i'm either going back to an apartment or getting a condo.
you got me by 10 years lol but **** bank as much money as you can while your not paying rent utilites groceries etc i prob waste 25k a year living on my own
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