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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
interesting, never had this issue. they are usually just straight done after we are "done" with them. they have worn out carbs, and or pistons and rings. at that point, we usually jsut replace them. this only comes down to about every 5 years or so. new is good, eps after the hard use we give them year after year.
I have found that there is only a very few parts that wear on Echo. Mainly the upper roller bearing, the rings and sometimes the flywheel side crank bearing. If you monitor and replace those as needed they go a lot longer than 5 years. Never had carb that couldn't be fixed with just a few parts.
Of course you got to monitor for those seals going out or you can cause real damage sometimes by running them.

Important to have a good inspection program at least twice a year. You can damage a new unit by leaving the exhaust ports get clogged. Or wearing the clutch shoes down and racing the motor. I learned all this after 30 years.
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