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Haha, i understand exactly where you are coming from. So basically you have your core aerator, your verticutter, then your spreader, (or seeder). You will either need to rent, or buy all three of them, but I just rent the aerator and the verticutter as i already own spreaders. You start out by verticutting the whole lawn, then you use the core aerator on the whole lawn, then you spread the seed over, you guessed it! The whole lawn. And you nailed it, the edge guard keeps seed off on sidewalks, patios, and flowerbeds. You can just walk far enough away to keep it out, but the edge guard costs maybe an extra $15? So i would just go with that and not have to worry about seed getting into flower beds or anywhere where it should not be. And also depending on what kind of money you are planning on putting into your company for next season start looking on your local craigslist for deals on mowers, trailers, trucks, ect... That is a good place to get good deals. But personally i would post whatever you find on a thread on here and get other thoughts on it before you go spend your hard earned money. And even look on the marketplace on here!
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