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Originally Posted by jiggz View Post
there is no way it took 2 guys with trimmers 4 full days to trim a mile worth of fence.. LOL you do realise thats 64 hours dont you? I could drop a miles worth of trees and saplings in less time

I dont care how uneven it is I would have one guy side discharge with the 32 and one dude trim.. if the $hit is that thick to worrie about it, I would just cut it more often.. bump up the 3 times a year to every month or every other month and eat the couple hours labor..

Myself, I can trim a mile worth of any fence 3 foot wide in less then an hour if I do it every 4 weeks

Ohio has an 8 month season so thats about 8 hours a year to take care of that fence. @ 10$ an hour for a laborer it will coust you an extra 80$ a year.. look at it that way

You got it! I actually laughed when he told me it took them that long. I have 3 places that we cut weekly that have almost a mile to trim and it we are out in less than 3 hrs including mowing. Just have never delt with anyone that only wants cut 3x a year. I knew it wouldnt take 64 hrs
but figured more than an hour or 2.
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