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Originally Posted by teamgreendude View Post
Don't worry to much about it, if it ever did happen one of the Borsoe Brothers might just turn over his operation to Larry. Plus I know Larry pretty well and He has just been talking about it, For now don't worry about it, if you do the best job possible customers will go with you because you'll have a good reputation. it's also one of the reasons I'm going to only offer grounds Maintainence to commercial customers in 2013, I'm actually shocked how much my college education is helping my business. Also I don't know if anyone besides Natural lawns of America offers this, in 2013 I'll be offering organic and hybrid Tree, Shrub and lawn care options in addition to traditional programs.
hmm, so he HAS considered it...are you in Manhattan (KSU) or are you in OP?

oh and who are the borsoe bros?
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