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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
Well hopefully you've become established and advertise enough to keep the phone ringing. JimLewis can tell you all about this. Seriously read some of his threads or posts. His phones ring constantly so that there is a steady stream of potential clients and he's not taking on cheap clients. Can everyone have his success? Probably not but I'm going to listen to what him, ETWMan, Zedosix, idealscape, tthomas, and other well established high end companies have to say. They don't chase low priced work and would make any of us look like landscape fools.

There is niche for the low end work for sure. I DON'T WANT IT. I also don't want to just mow lawns.
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do you think they started out high end or normal end? and worked there way up....thats what i plan on doing i dont make 6 figures or work 6 days a week so i take what i can get within reason before i cant start weeding out the lesser properties.

i think the reason they need to target hhigh priced properties is the physically cant do the others without losing thier butts
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