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Originally Posted by cindyb View Post
Dupont wouldn't look at my additional damage when they sent their team, that the arborist I hired from their list, identified, since it wasn't on the original report. Doesn't matter since almost everything I have is dead. The private arborist said he hadn't seen anything survive any Imprelis damage and he was correct.

I agree I can't sign my rights away. If I had accepted their first offer, everything else that is dead that was I guess in that 15%, would have been mine. No guarantee without soil replacement, that anything will grow. In the meantime, I continue to look at a yard with dead trees, bushes, ornamentals and pine needles everywhere.

The full link:

I have to admit after originally feeling Dupont wanted to make fair offers and get this behnd them, it now appears that their claims process is not going to provide a fair or quick resolution. They answered my first email and sent out their Davey/Stericycle team in fairly short order but that's where it ended.

I'm tired of complete silence... zero response to email and totally useless telephone reps paid minimum wage to drag along homeowners for months at a time while their cases do not move along. I guess Dupont is hoping for some type of miracle to cure the damaged trees so the payouts can be limited.

The only thing the silence is doing is angering homeowners... I know I've about hit the limit of my patience. I have every intention of taking advantage of a session with one of the attorneys familiar with this case within the week. I'm actually more ticked off about the total lack of respect for a damaged homeowner than the actual damage to my property.
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