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Sorry for the copy post I'm using my phone and it was still in the box and ur post wasn't showing so I thought I didn't send it anyway what does the verticutter do? I know about the aerator because my husband had a job with a company and that is all they did... and I will only have about 3-4 g come taxes I had hoped to have more but sadly other things are needed. I searched on craigslist for weeks before I ended up purchasing a 5.5 x 10 trailer new all the listings they had on there were severly used and most way smaller than what I needed for like 8 or 9 and I bought this one new for 11 so far in my area I havnt seen any mowers for sale in my area I did find some on ebay but they are a bit of a drive to get to with the cost of gas to get there and back I don't see how it is worth it. I do have a store that I found that does sell used items at the time I was looking at zero turns but even those were to me way over priced for a brand I had never heard of they wanted like 6g and that day I saw one at lowes troy built for 3g
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