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Originally Posted by LawnMan19 View Post
Looks good Brad, honda makes real good mowers and love the hydro ones.
Thanks yeah they are by far my favorite push mower
Originally Posted by GLM5 View Post
Brad. Is that Honda from Craigslist? I saw one just like that on Craigslist for 500. Dude said he had a zero turn or something. Would have bought it except it's the end of the year.
yep! He came down to 450 probably would have came lower but I wanted to be fair the thing looks nike it was never used-even smelt new when he fired it up. REal nice guy and I could tell he kept his stuff maintained he showed me his cub cadet zero turn he brought and it was mint!
Originally Posted by TriCityLawnCareLLC View Post
how many hours do you think you're putting on your 21'' per yer?
Rough guess I would say 100 per year on each. It was probably higher back when they were all I used one is 6 and the other 7 years old I believe so I would say both are over 1000hrs
Originally Posted by burnsyscapes View Post
how does the milage fair on the dump? i am looking into purchasing one, but dont really need a disel, just hualing mulch, stone every once in a while, probably wont put more than 6k miles a year on it.

also, what type of milage you see when plowing? i have the same setup minus the dualy and dump. 07 3500 vtech. but in two years of having a plow and spreader and have gotten no snow or ice!

Just looking for input!
yeah thats about all the miles I put on mine this year. I never really figured it out but I think its only 8-10mpg. I could use the diesel for the hills around here but the gas did its job this season

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