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Red max is the one i was looking at the other day when the first thing was suggested to me about getting a walk behind. Honestly my web browser on my phone and on my computer hasn't left this site in days ever since i found it that is all i have been doing... my husband laughs sort of every time he sees me on here "are you still reading!?" 3 am he wakes up Im still sitting here this is a wonderful site i have learned so much in such a little time and you two have been so helpful honestly! and the trailer i didn't get from lowes i actually bought that at trailers plus i am really satisfied with that... from all the "guys" that see it, they all say that having the round bar on top is definitely a good thing the ones they had at lowes did not and the guy gave me the same price for it as they had at lowes for a 5x10 so i don't think i could have done better except as i was on my way home with it someone was selling an enclosed trailer which looked almost new for 9 i cried about that one for a little bit because i honestly wanted an enclosed one but couldn't afford it. at the time the only deal that i saw on craigslist for those was one which was quite large but it had been hit in the back corner and had severe rust and door issues. I didn't want to deal with that from the start plus it had some other logo on it too. And both of those mowers are in my price range, actually the one says they would be willing to trade for a rider which i actually have a john deer that i won't be using once i get the walk behind! So kind of perfect if he knocks of enough i may be able to get both! how cool! so definitely thanks for sending me these i hadn't seen either one! and a special thanks because i noticed you are not in my area and took the time to pull up my area just to look for me so kudos to you!
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