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Originally Posted by LawnMan19 View Post
It handles it fine? does it have air bags or extra leaf sprigs on it, or is it stock?
It handled it just fine. Yeah it was pretty heavy and no, it's all stock. I love my Chevy/Gmc trucks. I've pushed this ole girl to some serious extremes. Now that i have my 2500hd I probably won't be putting much weight in the Half-ton. She's earned her keep-more than once.

Originally Posted by Cat 320D LRR View Post
nice work man do you still use your kubota alot since you got the exmark?
I still use it weekly (during the season). I try to use the Exmark as much as possible, i like it a little better and it's more efficient to use. But yes, I so still use the ZG222, especially if my buddy is helping me.
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