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you are really trying to push the ford on me aren't you? lol idk i just prefer the dodge my father had a ford for as long as i can remember but when i was younger i drove for an auto auction i drove lots of all kinds of dodge's i just like them better for so many reasons. then when i got with my husband his father had a dodge and we bought it, had it until my husband slammed it into a telephone pole! but now we have another dodge product and i am on my second chrystler van and i plan to stick with them and i have a title loan now but as much as i don't want a payment i will probably get sucked into getting another to get the truck instead of buying one out right because i do want something newer instead of sinking money into a bottomless pit which all cars can be that no matter the make but newer means longer before it becomes one lol did you see this one? what is your take that the 32 doesn't have a meter?
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