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Good eyes, Wilson. I don't think the path is burnt, the grass is just a bit off color since it was about 34 degrees at the time of the photo.
Since there is an asphalt walk on the right...if we assume the tractor or equipment was coming towards was throwing an excess to the operator's right. However that doesn't make sense because then the next swath...he would be going away from the camera. And the excess fert would be on his right--resulting in a double thick green stripe and no excess to his left near the soccer goal.
Possibly the excess was in the center of the pattern, but then...on the next swath he would have clipped the goal posts. I will try to get a better look tomorrow.
I saw TruGreen using a tractor and a Vicon pendalum spreader here 2 years ago. This time...I doubt it. What do you think this a Vicon, ride on, or push spreader? On second thought--push spreader is out because the weeds were also sprayed (I think).

And if you will look carefully in the distance in the left photo there is a big dead spot. I first saw this during the dry spell this summer, and i thought it might be an irrigation miss--now I am not so sure. I will try to get a closer picture.

This brings up a third point. About a mile away at a home--I spotted a TruGreen yard marker. (Odd, since in Michgan it is not legal to put your name on your required pesticide marker signs). The markers upon close observation, said, "TruGreen non-pesticide application". What do you think?
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