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you are going to want to factor in, about $400 for a good straight shaft trimmer, and handheld blower. I would say Stihl fs85 for trimmer, and Stihl br65c for blower. Those are a very good start. Also you want to get a spare tire for your trailer, because forced down time, SUCKS. So there is ATLEAST $500 you dont want to spend, plus a basic tool kit to keep with you to do on the spot repairs if needed. I have a 100 piece craftsman socket and bit set i carry with spare spark plugs and filters for all my equipment, as well as starter fluid. so there is another $150,
plus a 5 gallon gas can for your mower/mowers, then 2 2 gallon gas cans for mixed fuel for your handhelds. so another $25 or $30,
spare trimmer line and spark plugs for everything $30
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