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i currently only have one commercial job and got that one by accident. I planned to only stick with residential but it is the place where i got my title loan they asked me why i wanted the money when i told them to get the trailer and some other equipment he said hey come cut our grass and that honestly is 5 passes with the push mower and I am done with it. but ha ha i don't know why i started looking at 32 for some reason i thought that is what you said to look for... lol but i only have 2 with gates and both would almost have to be done with the push mower the one she has a shed parked in the way and the gate is extremely small anyway i don't think it is a standard size anyway the other the gate is kinda big but the part with the gate buts up to a lake and everything on top of one another both back yards are small anyway and only take about 10 minutes to cut each so using the push mower isn't that big of an issue. but i do want to prepare for the yards that i don't have yet i plan on hitting it hard next season. I only got a few customers this year because i didn't advertise too much because i wasn't sure if i could handle the work or even enjoy it enough and honestly it started out being something to do because i got bored but i ended up loving it! So i plan to keep on doing it and growing until i can't do it anymore then give it to one or all of the boys some day
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