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I actually have a curved shaft that i paid 80? for about mid way through the season i like it, it works but i want to get a straight shaft with an edging kit and the blower i do want to get another because the prolaun i bought this year has fallen to craps! it works but is a pita! never thought of caring tools with but honestly my husband does all that stuff anyway, and when i need him he is usually at home with the baby he works nights so i just call him and he comes and does what ever i need help with. but i am pretty handy at some things so i guess that is a good idea and never thought of carying extra filters or plugs with and i do know i need a bigger gas can i have 2, and 1 gal now and it works fine i only had to fill the 2 gal for the mowers every other day or so but the weed eater can i only had to fill that about once a week some times less. since i am picking your brain what do you think is the best way to remove the over grown weeds and dirt that has been built up for years on the sidewalks? i purchased an edger from his dad last year but only used it a couple of times because i could use the weed eater and just blow off the stuff rather than having to bend down and pick up chunks and having to load them into a trash can and take them with me.
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