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Oil Changes - SCAG - Kawasaki

First time having to do it & I'm a little confused.

Usually have someone do it for me, but saving money.

I have a TigerCat with a Kawi 691FX engine. It says in the manual add 1.9 if filter is not removed; 2.2 if it is.

I bought 2quarts because my SCAG dealer said that I wont use all the 2. They said add 1.5, run through, settle, check & add if needed.

I did replace the filter & I have added all the 1st & most the 2nd. The gauge reads right in between "ADD" & "FULL", which is what the manual says it should, but all the little holes do not have oil on them. I always thought all the holes had to be filled with oil.

Let me know what you guys do & what you think I should do. Just learning!
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