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I haven't written an business plan but i do have a "welcome packet explaining rules payments how to pay website services and a bunch of other stuff i also planned on doing a yearly maintenance plan with a 5% discount i have lawn pro free version for software that i have been using for invoices this year i did pay at the door next year i plan to have it pay by the month service then bill due on the 15th struggling with how i want to do the yearly plan getting it in print, but i am looking into maybe getting service auto pilot which has a section that covers those so i may wait until i get that before i put it in final print to see if it has some contracts that come with it. but i really don't liek the monthly plan thing i liked the idea of paying for the software once and being done but i really like all the extra stuff it offers! i could go on all day with all the cool little things it does all in one place instead of using several dif things but what do i need an official business plan for unless i planned on getting a loan? which i do not want one
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