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Possible drainage issue?

One of my customers approached me last week about her lawn's seemingly lack of drainage, and has asked me to figure out what the problem is, and how to correct it. Since I'm stumped on this, I'm looking for some feedback from you guys.

So here's the situation:
This customer hasn't turned on her sprinklers in weeks, and we get very little rain around here. This time of year, we're getting between 1/4" to 1/2" per week. Even with this little bit of rain, the lawn is still soaking wet literally all the time. It was even like this during the summer months when they'd only run the sprinklers for 5 minutes. It's so wet and muddy that my 21" Honda is leaving trench-like tracks across the yard when I've attempted to mow through it.

Ground conditions: There's no hills of any sort. It's completely flat/level ground. I'm not sure what the exact term is for its soil type. It's not sand or clay though. Not sure if that helps at all. Also, there doesn't appear to be a problem with run-off coming from any of the neighbors' yards.

The only thing I can think of is maybe there's a broken water line under the lawn somewhere, but the moisture problem isn't confined to one area of the lawn, so more than likely that isn't the case here. Anyhow, what's your take on this? Is there something I can do to relieve the lawn of some of this water? Fortunately it hasn't caused root rot in the turf, but I'm afraid it might since we're in cooler weather now.
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